Saturday, 16 February 2013

Kim Kardashian arrives Nigeria

It's official…. Kim K is in Lagos. She's in Nigeria to co-host a red carpet event with Darey Art Alade. Heard her presence at Eko Hotel caused chaos!

Meanwhile, more photos coming soon.

Wizkid & BankyW exchange words on twitter

The war between the EME boss "Banky W" and Wizkid has taken a different dimension and it looks like Wizkid will maintain his stands on leaving the EME crew. We got news from a relaiable source in the team that banky W recently slamed wizkid on twitter following a phone conversation between the both of them. It was learnt that during the conversation, BankyW was pleading with Wizkid to change his decision on his exit from the team but wizkid payed deaf ears and said his decision stands, But since BankyW has been trying to control the situation and prevent the news from getting to the public, he begged wizkid to show up at his album launch and surprisingly wizkid turned him down, this made BankyW mad and felt so disappointed about wizzy's decision.

We later confirmed that banky W slamed wizkid on twitter and without much delay, wizkid returned the tweets.. Wizkid now has the opportunity of continuing his musical career with Konvict music. We learned from a reliable source that wizkid recently left the country to make moves on his deal with konvict music.

So many reporters have been calling the EME boss to confirm the situation but he has been avoiding calls recently just to avoid questions that are arising due to the development.

I wonder what the EME crew will look like without starboy wizzy.. The question is can Skales lift the team as high as wizkid has ?

Friday, 15 February 2013

MUST READ: Know More About The Cause Of Goldie's Death!

Its a sad thing we just lost a star and forever will she remain in our hearts. She's dead but we deserve to know the cause of her death and how to avoid it. This post is to educate everyone on pulmonary embolism which is believed to be the cause of Goldie's death and how to avoid it.

A Pulmonary Embolism (PE) is a blood clot in the lung. The clot usually forms in smaller vessels in the leg, pelvis, arms, or heart, but occasionally the clot can be large. If the pulmonary embolism is large, it may be capable of such a large mismatch, the patient cannot get enough oxygen into the blood and can be become acutely short of breath which may lead to death.

Several risk factors can make a person more likely to develop a blood clot that can eventually break loose and travel to the lung which includes
1) Immobilization (which reduces flow),
2) Damaged vessel wall (which forms a location for clot to start)
3) Hypercoagulable state (which makes it easier for blood to clot)
4) Trauma and Injury to leg or arm
5) Heart disease
6) Burns
7) Previous history of blood clot in the legs (Deep Vein Thrombosis) or pulmonary embolism.
8) Cancer.
9) Pregnancy, estrogen therapy and oral contraceptives.
10) Certain protein and enzyme deficiencies.

Not all pulmonary embolism exhibit the same symptoms but the common ones are; Chest pain,shortness of breath,anxiety,cough,sweating and passing out

Some people with pulmonary embolism are critically ill. They have severe shortness of breath, low blood pressure, and low oxygen concentrations.
Patients with chest pain will be placed on a heart monitor, and usually an IV will be inserted, labs drawn and an electrocardiogram (EKG, ECG) ordered.
The most frequently used treatment for pulmonary embolism include;
1) Oxygen.
2) Blood thinning medications (Anti-coagulants like Heparin,warfarin and enoxaparin)
3) "Clot buster" medications (also called thrombolytics) are given to those who are critically ill.
4) In some life-threatening cases, the patient is taken to a radiologic surgery by an interventional radiologist.

A frequent cause of pulmonary embolism is a long car or airplane trips when the blood pools in the legs and forms a blood clot that then breaks loose and travels to the lung.
Stop at least every 2 hours on a car trip and stretch the legs and walk.
On long airplane flights, get up and walk the aisle at least once an hour to prevent blood clot formation.
After surgery, compression units are placed on the legs that function like the leg muscles, to help clot formation. Anitclotting medications are also utilized.
May Goldie Harvey's soul Rest in peace. We at ItzKaycee's Blog send our condolences.

Official press statement from Kennis Music on Goldie's death

On behalf of Kennis Music, I'm sad to officially confirm the shocking and untimely passage of Nigeria's pop star, Goldie Harvey. With a deep sense of loss, we announce the shocking death of our darling music star, Goldie Harvey.

Goldie, 31, died on Thursday after she complained of a severe headache at her Park View residence shortly after her arrival from the United States where she went to witness the Grammy Award. She was rushed to her official hospital, Reddington, Victoria Island, Lagos, where doctors pronounced her dead on arrival.
We consider this period a gloomy moment for us and the entire Nigerian music industry in view of the circumstance Goldie passed away, the abundance of talent she has exhibited in her but eventful music career and the various opportunities her trip to the United States of America would have availed her. She is survived by her father, step- mother, brothers and sisters. We deeply sympathize with her family and fans all over the world and very grateful to all and sundry, especially, the vibrant Nigerian media for their concern and prompt reportage. We shall keep everybody informed as events unfold as we are still devastated by the sudden loss."
Meanwhile, the remains of Goldie, who hails from Ekiti State has been deposited in the mortuary of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, Lagos. Goldie represented Nigeria at the Big Brother Star Game in 2012. Her latest effort, she described as three nawti singles from her forthcoming African Invasion album are "Skibo", "Miliki" and "Got To Have It," are presently enjoying heavy rotations on radio and TV stations across the continent. Burial arrangements will be announced by the family. May her soul rest in peace.
Adieu Goldie!!!!

Update on the cause of Goldie's death

Goldie Harvey born October 22, 1982 is a multi-talented Nigerian musician. She recently started shooting for her Reality TV show with her close friend Denrele. She just returned from LA where she attended the Grammys and news of her death just spread like wildfire hours ago.

Apparently Goldie complained of headache but nobody took it seriously. Hours later she slumped and died. Her body was brought into Reddington hospital, Victoria Island Lagos, at 7:55 and by then she was dead.

It's probably a neurological (having to do with the brain) issue. It's possible she was having brain seizures which her body interpreted as headaches. Eventually she slumped and died. An autopsy will ascertain.

There was nothing the hospital staff could do. Information was gotten from cool fm OAP Nnamdi Nwabasili otherwise known as N6. He's at the hospital with other OAPs and some celebrities including Kennis Music crew. Reports have it that a crowd has gathered at the hospital to confirm this news. Her body has been transferred to the mortuary... R.I.P GOLDIE :(

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Breaking News : Singer Goldie Dead !

It was a shocking News !, While every one was busy celebrating the much anticipated Vals Day, The news came in that popular Nigerian Singer Goldie died at Reddington Hospital in Victoria Island today.. The news which came in from a call from her bestie Denrele Edun.. Denrele had to switch off his Phone when the calls to him were getting too much.. Would feed you with more details soon.

Monday, 29 October 2012

‘We have no hand in our mom’s death’ - Psquare

Popular musicians Paul and Peter Okoye, aka Psquare have broken their silence on their alleged involvement in the death of their mother.

On Thursday, July 12, 2012, the world received the sad news of the death of Mrs Josephine Okoye. She was reported to have died after an unsuccessful heart surgery in an Indian hospital in Kolkata. NET gathered that the supportive mother, who had been a pillar of support to her children, had been ill for a while, as her last public appearance was the Psquare Invasion concert in August 2011. She took ill shortly after and was diagnosed with a severe case of diabetes. Although initially admitted at the St. Nicholas hospital in Lagos, she was eventually flown abroad after her case deteriorated.

Mrs. Okoye passed away after over 5 hours of heart surgery, according to Psquare’s older brother, Jude Okoye, ‘You know that she was a prayer warrior, so I don’t need to tell you how she stood by us spiritually. Besides, she was the only one that believed in us when we decided to make a career out of music. I can remember that she used to sneak us out at night then to attend shows without the consent of our father who insisted that we must quit music to face our education’ he added.
Sympathizers, included friends, colleagues and fans thronged the artistes’ Omole residence to sign the condolence register and commiserate with the brothers.

While the Okoye family where busy making arrangements to give their beloved mother a proper and befitting burial in their home town in Anambra State, rumours broke out alleging that the brothers were members of the Illuminati Cult and had sacrificed their mom for fame and wealth.The rumour mongers were quick to come up with various theories to back up their allegations, a few of them including their riches and fame, joining Akon’s Konvict Music and featuring popular American rapper Rick Ross in one of their songs, among many other stories.

The absence of many friends and colleagues in the music industry at the Burial also fueled the rumours, as many claimed many of the artistes were afraid of being attached to the alleged Illuminati caucus. The Illuminati is alleged to be a conspiratorial organization, which is alleged to mastermind events and control world affairs through governments and corporations to establish a New World Order, they most common sign is that of a pyramid (The triangle shape).
 While this was shocking to the Okoye’s, who were still in mourning, they remained silent.
However, in a recent interview with the Punch, while answering various questions on their career success and achievements so far, they were asked about their mom’s death and the allegations, read excerpts from the interview:

How do you feel about your mum’ s death?
We feel so bad to know that our mum is no more. But who are we to question the Almighty God. Traditionally, we are supposed to bury her and not the other way round. It is just that it happened so soon.. Indeed, her death was a big blow to us.

It was rumoured that you people knew what happened to her?
Then, it is too bad to hear that people are accusing us of being responsible for our mum’s death. We are not blaming anybody. People are free to say what they want to say. We begin to wonder whether  there is anything that will ever make us to go for the life of our beloved mother.
Her life cannot be quantified in terms of money or fame. So, our answer to this question is that we have no hand in our mum’s death. We only blame the death that snatched her away from us if not so, people won’t be pointing accusing fingers at us. She died after a brief illness.

Aside [from] your mum’s death, there was another rumour that you guys have joined Illuminati?
We are short of words. Why would anybody say such things about us? Well, the fact remains that we do not belong to any secret cult, whether Illuminati or anything you call it. We owe our achievements and everything that is happening to us to Almighty God.
In recent times, many Nigerian artistes with international relations or ties, whose success and rise to stardom appears fast, are quickly accused of being members of the devilish Illuminati cult such artistes include the likes of, D’banj, Wizkid and even the late Dagrin. While many still claim, it’s all a farce others are quick to accept signs and tattoos done by the suspected members as proof.


Marrying A Woman That Completes You Is A Perfect Gift From God - Teju Babyface

Teju Babyface opens up on life as a married man and what he must do to be a good politician if the opportunity comes calling. Excerpts below....

10 Drown In Lagos As Boat Capsizes

Tragedy struck yesterday in Otto-Awori Local Council Development Area, LCDA of Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria as 10 persons have drowned in a boat mishap. The accident occurred at Imude area of the council when a passenger boat conveying passengers from Idoluwo-Ile Village to Ikotun, all riverine communities, overturned, drowning 10 people in the process.

Reports say the wave from a Julius Berger Speed Boat taking staff of the company to Under Bridge in Otto-Agbara led to the capsizing of the boat which was about halfway to its destination. A Supervisory Councilor in Otto Awori LCDA Mr. Wasiu Rasak while confirming the incident said the passenger boat was conveying people who had gone for the Eid-el-Kabir celebration in Idoluwo-Ile Village to Ikotun when the tragedy occurred.

Dr. Femi Oke-Osayintolu, General Manager, Lagos State Emergency Management Agency, LASEMA confirmed that 10 passengers were missing after the incident, saying that five of the dead bodies had been recovered in a rescue operation carried out by LASEMA and Merchant Navy.
He said LASEMA had been warning people using such local boats to make use of live jackets for safety, while he lamented that the passengers were not putting on live jacket, which contributed to their death. Oke-Osayintolu, disheartened by the tragedy said most of the victims were teenagers.

Pictures of Flavour’s “2nite club”

Hmmmmm.. This past few days has been hell for me all thanks to MULTILINKS! Those people dealt with me... Couldn't do nothing with my modem! Anyways, am back(tho with a temporary network) so can't assure you guys that am fully back... But let's see how it goes!!! Missed you all, hope y'all did the same?

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Lara George welcomes baby girl

The gospel singer and former Kush member gave birth to a baby girl in the US on saturday. Big congrats to her!

Jim Iyke To Host His Own Reality Show

The actor and businessman is set to host his own reality TV show on cable TV. Jim Iyke Unscripted is a joint production of Africa Magic and Oh Africa TV and will access all areas of the actor's life. The reality TV show was brokered by Jim's UK-based management company, Greyology Inc, and will show you a Jim Iyke you have never seen before. Jim Iyke Unscripted will hit your screens in a matter of weeks as the actor is said to have started production. Watch out for it!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

MUSIC: Terry G & Reminisce – B.L.O.O.D

TerryG and Reminisce decided to jump on a track and here's what they came out with... Listen and share your thoughts.

Credit: tooxclusive

NEW MUSIC: M.I – Ashes [Tribute To Aluu4]

4 young men died at the hands of a lynch mob on the 5th of October 2012. Whether or not their deaths will mean anything, or fade out of our minds as just another meaningless tragedy, is up to us and what we do from here on.

I hope this song captures that message. Nothing would be worse than for a death to mean Nothing.”

-MI Abaga



MUSIC: Hakym The Dream ft Wizkid – Lamba Remix

Hakym and Wizkid have come together to make a remix of the song ‘LAMBA’. Let’s listen to it and comment.